The best way to help your partner through infertility and loss


What is the best way to help your partner through infertility and loss… particularly if you’re also struggling with it all yourself?

Listening to this podcast could be a combination of many different folks! It could be husbands, wives, same sex couples – and within that, differing dynamics of energy.

It hurts, truly to see your partner really struggling with navigating next steps… and just life… while they’re trying to conceive and working through infertility, pregnancy loss and generally disappointment month after month, while often being expected to continue on with their life (with potentially other people not knowing about what they’re going through) as if they aren’t going through the biggest upheaval of their lives.

So what is the number 1 way to support your partner through infertility, pregnancy loss and other factors in TTC that make it incredibly emotionally hard.

On today’s podcast, I talk about:

  • The differences between men and women
  • The research on the emotional toll and how it affects men and women differently (but also in some circumstances similarly)
  • The different coping strategies (and which ones have been proven more successful for men vs women)
  • Lastly, the number 1 thing you can do to support your partner through infertility.

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