The best way to help your partner through infertility

The Infertility WarriorsHave you ever heard the term, crabs in a bucket? Well, it’s not the most pleasant term but… it serves a purpose. You see, when you put crabs in a bucket and one tries to get out – all of the other crabs pull them back in. And I feel that sometimes this can be applied to us on our journey with infertility.

We aren’t coping. Our partner isn’t coping. And together, we become crabs in a bucket. And sometimes, we (or they) martyr ourselves in pursuit of trying to help lift the other one out. But it’s a dud strategy – there’s a better way to help your partner through infertility, and it starts with you.

The philosophy I use in this podcast episode is one that has served me so well over the years and has been a driving force behind big and scary decisions – this philosophy has been empowering, and a huge driver in helping me strive towards living my best and healthiest life.

Check it out and let me know what you think.

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