The secret to feeling better (and what healing really looks like)

On this podcast I talk about what my journey to healing looked like and the secret to feeling better…. But it’s not always what we think looking from the outside in….

On this podcast I talk about:

  • The moment I started healing
  • Why sometimes adding things to the to do list is not always helpful in feeling better
  • Why exhaustion is one of the hallmarks of not coping
  • The easier way to feel better and what the secret to that really is.
  • 3 pillars I teach.

Links in this podcast:

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Are you feeling battered and bruised by infertility, loss or trying to conceive... or that crying on the bathroom floor is becoming a more frequent experience?

Maybe you're feeling completely isolated, stuck and dreading every month?

Or maybe you're just feeling like you're not showing up to life as your best and healthiest self and looking for some better coping skills.

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