The Veggie Patch

So…. as I mentioned before, Ross and I are moving house. There are 97 things I love about our current house, and about 3 things I don’t love, that I just can’t get past.

One of the things I do love though is our veggie patches.


Every year without fail we plant chilli, tomato basil, parsley, chives, sage, marjoram, and whenever it looks like we won’t eat all of our spring onions, we plant them in the garden too, and instead of going off, they just continue growing (genius!).

This year, we chose to grow a few other things too. We grew green beans, garlic and lettuce. It was delicious.


I love growing lettuce. It is so nice to just hop into the garden and cut off what you need.



The new house doesn’t have any veggie patch, but we already have plans!

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