Traditional Chinese Medicine for Type A Fertility Warriors with Adrienne Wei

Adrienne Wei

Today on the podcast, one of my favourite Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners– Adrienne Wei joins us on the podcast to talk about some of the most common conditions she sees in her practice for Type A women like me and busts a few myths.

Damn, I was listening to this like, ‘I think she is talking about me!’ when she talked to us in depth about liver stagnation and some (she has a bunch more in her program) strategies we can use to improve our fertility based on this.

I’m thrilled to invite her to the podcast today and I just know that if you’re anything like me, you’ll get so much out of this episode. 

Key Takeaways and Tips from Adrienne for Type A’s who usually suffer from chi stagnation:

  • When it comes to acupuncture for fertility expect results after around the 3 month mark
  • You can exercise more to keep the chi flowing but only pre-ovulation. Post-ovulation, we want to preserve your chi. Exercise 3 times a week
  • You should also work on your mindset; the practice of gratitude and meditation. 
  • When it comes to diet, leafy greens are best for you. 

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