Tried everything to fall pregnant? Now what?

Tried everything to fall pregnant
Hands up if you feel like you’ve tried everything to fall pregnant. Yet, here you are feeling completely burnt out… and not pregnant.


So, If you’ve tried all the things to fall pregnant and still don’t feel like you’re getting anywhere, today on the podcast I’m sharing two quite different angles you might want to take in order to continue making progress.


In truth – I see this a lot. Many of the clients I work within my 12-week program come to me with huge checklists and to-do lists. Because sometimes they’re feeling a mix of anger and frantic energy, and at other times they’re feeling completely dejected and jaded and just plain exhausted. And then it’s a vicious cycle because they can’t maintain the perfection or strict regime that they feel they ‘should’ be undertaking (or the advice they’re receiving contradicts itself) and this results in more stress, poor sleep, poor digestion etc, making things worse.


That’s a really common and normal reaction to trauma. Yep, trauma. Infertility can take a significant toll on not just because of our emotions, but also our physiology and that can sometimes result in feeling like this.


But I do also chat later in the podcast about some other medical avenues you can take to continue making progress in other areas.


Tune in and then come and find me on Instagram and let me know what you thought!



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