My Veggie Pregnancy – 27 weeks

I truly cannot believe I’ve reached 27 weeks!

I think it has only been in the last three weeks or so that I’ve actually started to look and feel really pregnant. This belly has come out of nowhere!

27 Weeks Pregnant

I’m truly grateful to have this experience.

One of my great inspirations in life has been Maya Angelou, and I’d love to know more about her. I always remember hearing a story about her visiting an African tribe who bathed communally and the women consoled her because they thought she had never had children… because she didn’t have any stretch marks (she did actually have one child in her lifetime, when she was quite young). In their culture, stretch marks were a sign of the strength of a woman and told her story. I’ve also heard Maya Angelou refer to them as warrior marks, and I love that reference.

To me, I always thought I’d never get the chance to have stretch marks (I currently don’t, but it’s a metaphor), and now that I do, I just feel so blessed.

I thought this week I’d share some of my food diaries with you, just because I LOVE looking at the food plans and food diaries of others. Although I’ve read a lot of books and looked at a lot of information, I have no qualifications in nutrition, so I can’t comment on that front, but these are some of the things I’ve been eating.

Also, I’m not sure if you’ll feel reassured or disappointed when you see that I’m not perfect. I think it is a misconception sometimes that bloggers are absolute angels, and while my diet is probably different to many people’s out there, at the end of the day, I’m just a normal chick who loves sharing what I’ve learnt and made with you all.

I started keeping a food diary when I first became pregnant because I thought I’d receive a lecture from everyone. But I haven’t. Cool.

I kept it for the first 10 weeks, and have been meaning to do it again out of my own curiosity, but I’ve been slack because nobody has questioned me or asked.

At work, I’m pretty regimented with my eating (although if I don’t have leftovers, sometimes lunch is just a pack of soup – La Zuppa), but on weekends it is pretty sporadic. I don’t ‘skip’ meals, but I might have a later breakfast and a bigger breakfast, so I’ll skip a morning snack, and then only eat my lunch at about 1.30pm.

I also have to admit that I’m probably not as good as I was before I got pregnant – I never used to eat that much bread, sweet things or ‘processed’ fake meat, but I just have been and it is what it is….

Here are a couple of excerpts:

Weeks 6/7

Breakfast Chilli beans and avocado on toast Hemp Blueberry Smoothie Toast with strawberry jam
Snack Homemade trail mix (almonds, pepitas, walnuts, goji berries etc) Homemade trail mix Homemade trail mix
Lunch Veggie and lentil soup Spelt bread toasted sandwich with kidney beans, avocado and tomato chutney Spelt bread toasted sandwich with kidney beans, avocado and tomato chutney
Snack Dried apricots 2 x spirulina and cranberry bliss balls Dried apricots and an apple
Dinner Veggie pasta with nutritional yeast Veggie pasta with nutritional yeast and veggie sausages Roast potatoes, peas, veggie sausages and mushroom gravy
Drinks Water1 x green tea

1 x ginger tea

Water 1 x cacao and almond milk smoothieWater

Week 13

Breakfast Toast with almond butter Blueberry hemp smoothie Spelt pancakes with blueberries
Snack Muesli slice Muesli slice Handful BBQ shapes
Lunch Creamy vegan pasta Veggie rice bowl with kidney beans and avocado Veggie sausage rolls
Snack Apple Apple, almonds, carrot sticks, snow peas Apple with almond butter
Dinner Veggie burger with chips Teriyaki tofu Veggie mash bowl (basically mashed potato with kale, avocado, tomato, hemp seeds and seasoning)
Drinks Peppermint tea Orange juiceHot water with lemon Spirulina waterPeppermint tea

The stuff that is in green is stuff that is not homemade, and the stuff in purple is the stuff I’ve eaten from take aways/restaurants.

There’s definite room for  improvement, isn’t there!

Have you ever kept a food diary?

Robyn xx

P.S. You can see the beginnings of the baby’s room but we haven’t got anywhere because we’re so flat out with the kitchen reno…. is this nesting?

My Veggie Pregnancy – 27 weeks

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