Walking away from fertility treatments

Walking away from fertility treatments

Wowsers – I posted about walking away from fertility treatments on my Instagram stories just the other day and IT BLEW UP. I woke up in the morning and switched my phone off aeroplane mode and it just pinged with all the direct messages I received from fertility warriors who felt heard, who felt like I was reading their inner thoughts and who were so relieved that somebody had FINALLY talked about this.


Do you feel like everyone out there is just constantly spruiking that you need to keep going on your journey until you have a baby, Hell or High water?


Heck. No.


But how do you know when it’s time to walk away from fertility treatments?


On today’s podcast, I talk about what the other side might look like for you, and how to determine when it might be time to walk away, and when it might just be time to seek some more help on your journey or try another path.


The answer always lies in fear.


Walking away from fertility treatments is like the ultimate FOMO.


And it can fill you up with regret if you allow it to, or if you are full of a lack of self-confidence.


But, you can actually choose to feel really empowered by this choice, confident that you gave it a good shot, and confident that you have now (confidently) chosen to walk another path because your priorities have changed.


Your life

Your decisions

Your feelings

Your finances

Your prerogative

Your happiness

Your energy

Your power


And the big point I want to make is that it’s ok to change your mind.


It’s not giving up.


It’s just changing and shifting our priorities. And that’s ok.


You aren’t a failure because you decide that you wish to change paths and the only person committing you to a particular path is you.


AND… by that same token, you can decide to change your mind AGAIN if you wish too.


Tune into today’s episode and then if it resonated with you, please reach out to me in the DM’s to let me know. Your messages on Instagram give me life and I love hearing your feedback on the show.


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