What will REALLY help you get pregnant?

The Fertility WarriorsWhy does it feel like infertility treatments are so expensive? I KNOW. I’ve been there, through our six-year journey to conceive our babies and always trying to evaluate whether what I wanted to invest with was worth it, or whether I was throwing money down the toilet. In today’s podcast episode, I share my 6-part framework for evaluating for yourself (nothing is actually throwing money down the toilet if it doesn’t feel that way to you) whether you feel that a treatment, modality or add-on is worth it for you. What will really help you get pregnant?

I call it my overwhelm to an organised framework – as it can help take your mind from chaos and feeling unsure about investments, to feeling like you’ve been able to make an educated decision on the value and potential something has to help you move forward.

So…. the big question is what kind of framework can you use to decide for yourself whether something is a big fat waste of time or whether it will be a good investment of your money because the reality is that there are many things out there that have no scientific of evidence base (including fertility clinic add-ons).

Tune into today’s episode to hear my 6-part overwhelm to an organised framework for deciding whether you should leap or ignore. What will really help you get pregnant?

P.S. I also talk about a study that was recently released on fertility clinic add-on’s – I’ve listed it below, along with the Instagram for Devon Baeza – pretty much the queen of fertility treatments + finance.

Grab a pen and paper, as you’ll want to take notes on this episode, and come and find me on Instagram at @robynbirkin and let me know if you think this was helpful.

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