What’s in store for 2021?

The Fertility Warriors PodcastToday on the Fertility Warriors Podcast I want to talk to you about what we’ve got up our sleeve for 2021 and what you can expect.

It’s been a CRAZY year for so many of us. I’ve been working quite hard behind the scenes on a number of things within The Fertility Warriors Intensive program. Including an additional little module area for partners and husbands, and for warriors who fall pregnant during or after the program.

If you didn’t know, the Fertility Warrior Intensive is my 12 week Mind Body Fertility Program. Its aim is to support you in developing emotional resilience and fostering happiness and calm amidst your fertility journey.  Helping you change your brain like your dominant neural pathways, to in turn help you balance your body and your hormones to optimise your chances of falling pregnant.

At the core of the program is 12 weeks of lessons with worksheets from me, but we also have so much else as part of the program, including a bespoke yoga series and pilates series, guest expert interviews, affirmations – sooo beautiful, and meditations – so many things. 

This year, we added some bonus areas into the program

Including some modules for Husbands and some pregnancy resources and these are currently free for folks who sign up to the program, and I look forward to being able to add more into it in the new year.

I’m also busy working on providing something else – another more mini product. If you’d like to be first in line to hear the details, then you can hop to robynbirkin.com/gamechangers and jump onto my email list. At this link, you’ll also receive a free PDF download of the 3 biggest game changers on my journey.

In terms of the podcast, I’m looking forward to doing more solo episodes. I want to deliver more roadmaps and more specific advice on how to cope with the emotional aspect of infertility. I absolutely love having guests on the podcast, but I really want to be able to take you on a journey, and sometimes I find that a little hard when I’m just interviewing guests. I’d love to get your feedback on that so please let me know. – jump onto Instagram and send me a DM :-l)

So that’s a little summary of what we’ve got on the cards for 2021.

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