Why can’t we just be nice to one another?

Hey there,

I want to start this post by saying how much I appreciate all of you. I don’t have a big blog, but I have a wonderful tribe of supporters.

I’ve been blogging for a few years now and all of you are so nice to me. I want you to know that every time you read a post, write a comment  or like a post on Facebook, you build me up.

Jenny (you know who you are!) won my last competition and gave the prize back to me because I’d had a bit of a bumpy ride at the time! That is how awesome you guys are.

So, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

But it isn’t like that everywhere.

A few weeks ago, a blog I subscribed to wrote about how she’d outed another blogger on Facebook and how it caused a bit of a ruckus.

Then, a popular Aussie website published an article about Alicia Silverstone’s new book. It didn’t agree with her way of parenting and even I didn’t necessarily agree with everything, but that wasn’t the point. The point was that the article was really mean and not objective at all.

In situations like that, I can just feel inside what it feels like to be the person on the other end and it makes me sad. Why can’t we just be nice to one another?

I work in an all girls’ school. It is a lovely and supportive community, filled with happy and smiling girls, but, being in the industry, I still see and  hear about heartbreaking stories of girls with poor self-esteem and unhappy experiences. Mission Australia conduct an annual survey that shows that one of the biggest issues girls have is self-image.

I have friends who have poor self image too and we’re in our 30’s, and it is no wonder, because there are people out there who bring others down, when we should be building everyone up.

Kindness Begins with Me


I’ve made a lot of changes to my life over the past years and especially so over the past months, and one of those is trying to actively be conscious of of what I’m saying, what I’m thinking, and what vibes I’m surrounded by.

I’m turning down the dial on the negative, and turning up the volume on the positive.

I posted this video on my Facebook wall recently, and I think it is worth watching. I think every women, every girl, and every guy too should watch it, so please share it with others.


That is the kind of place I want Modern Day Missus to be.

A Modern Day Missus is:

  • Compassionate
  • Kind
  • Respectful
  • Loving
  • Peaceful
  • Happy
  • Positive
  • Eats for wellness and not for a pair of jeans
  • Savours happy moments
  • Builds other people up
  • Practices gratitude

… I could probably add to this list and I probably will.

Being these things doesn’t always come naturally, not even to me, but it is something to strive for and remind ourselves of every day.

I’m going to start aiming to post twice a week from now on – one recipe and another post on wellness (spiritual and physical).

Thank you again for joining me on this ride, and for being so lovely – so often you make my day.

Robyn xx

Why can’t we just be nice to one another?