Why I don’t do 1:1 Fertility Coaching

1:1 fertility coachingSo….. I don’t do 1:1 fertility coaching… but why? Because I do something that I believe is 100 times better: my membership (the Mind Body Fertility Reset). In today’s podcast, I’m breaking down why a program like this can be EVEN MORE of a game-changer for women trying to conceive and navigating infertility and loss, and why 1:1 coaching is no longer in my client’s interests.

In addition to having two degrees, I am a certified Holistic Life Coach and Certified Mind Body Practitioner, although I wouldn’t necessarily call myself a Fertility Coach – but that’s really going to depend on your definition of a fertility coach. It’s a REALLY broad term and industry.

If you’re interested in why I take a different approach to 1:1 fertility coaching, today’s episode is for you.


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