9 things you should never apologize for

The Fertility Warriors PodcastSo often when I’m talking with fertility warriors, I often hear it in their voice that they’re feeling guilty or unaccepting of themselves and apologizing for things they really shouldn’t…. So, I’m sharing with you today 9 things you should never apologize for and I hope that you come away from this episode feeling much less judgement toward yourself, much more acceptance and the ability to see exactly how you’re feeling in the moment, as ok.

I want to let you know that your life can completely change when you do this and when you can accept your feelings, how much easier it is to cope with life and life’s challenges and also just how much we realize that at times, we create our own misery by being our own worst enemy rather than our biggest cheerleader.

In today’s episode, I share 9 things you should never apologize for or feel guilty for. You’ll learn:

  • Why radical acceptance and expression of your emotions is healthy
  • Why boundaries with others might be something you really need
  • What true empowerment looks like
  • How we can lean into and then let go of emotions quickly


Listen here.


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