100 Affirmations and Mantras for Fertility

If you’ve listened to The Fertility Warriors Podcast for a while, you’ll know that affirmations and mantras not just for fertility, but for general self confidence and handling life’s things, were a big part of my journey and just one of the tools I used in my arsenal to help invite my baby into my life, generally cope with the stress of trying to conceive, and help activate my parasympathetic nervous system to take myself out of fight or flight mode.

I didn’t just use this when I was trying to conceive with my first baby. I also used this when I was pregnant, and even now in every day life. In short, affirmations and mantras are a BIG part of my life, and a big part of my quest to fall pregnant.

In today’s Podcast I’m diving in a little deeper into how you can use affirmations, as well as some specific times that I used affirmations.

And below you’ll find 100 fertility affirmations that you can use on your journey.

We dive REALLY deep into affirmations in both a practical and pragmatic sense (not a woo-woo sense) in our course, The Reset …. but beyond that we talk about proven and evidence-based strategies using brain science, mindfulness and strategic support to dramatically shift the way you cope through trying to conceive, fertility treatments, infertility and pregnancy loss. You can find out more about why infertility and trying to conceive feels so crappy and stressful in my free class (and the 3 essential elements of a strong emotional foundation).

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Why should you use affirmations for fertility?

Well, there are a number of reasons that affirmations can be helpful when you’re trying to conceive.

  1.     Affirmations can help activate our parasympathetic nervous system

The first of those is that you might find yourself stressed out of your mind, because you’ve been trying to conceive for a while, and all of that can lead to this constant drip of cortisol in our bodies.

When our bodies are constantly trying to produce more cortisol, they actually end up robbing our body of other essential reproductive hormones such as DHEA, Progesterone and more.

So wherever possible, we want to focus on how we can stop that flow of cortisol and bring our bodies into a less stressed state.

And affirmations can help us do that.

For example, there was one occasion when I was on my way to the hospital and feeling incredibly anxious. I repeated over and over to myself aloud that “I am safe. Everything will be ok”. Over the 15 minute journey it took me to reach the hospital, I was helping to slowly calm myself down and bring myself back into my parasympathetic nervous system.

Can you imagine how many times you have to repeat that over a 15 minute journey? A LOT. But you know what? By the time I arrived at the clinic, I believed it and felt calm.

Why might you remind yourself that you’re safe?

Well, our fight or flight nervous system is the part of our nervous system that was originally responsible for sending our body into ‘threat mode’

As in, we were being chased by a tiger, so our amygdala would sound the fire alarm in our body – fight or flight mode would activate… because we weren’t safe.

Fight or flight mode (our sympathetic nervous system) basically activated because we weren’t safe and there was danger. So in reminding ourselves that we’re safe, we’re helping bring ourselves back into our parasympathetic nervous system (rest and digest, repair and reproduce).

  1.     They can help bring certain messages into our conscious brain.

Each second of the day, our brain is processing millions of pieces of information, but only a fraction of those make it into our conscious brain. Like 40.

The rest are in our subconscious brain.

And if there is a message in our consciousness, our brain takes that to be fact. And then it begins to filter out evidence that is to the contrary.

If we were to process all of the information we receive, we would be in complete sensory overload like The Matrix. So in filtering the information that makes it into our conscious brain, and supporting us by only serving us evidence that supports that point of view, we might be doing ourselves a disservice.

For example, if I believed that everyone around me was falling pregnant and that was a bad thing, then my brain would continue to serve me evidence (i.e. the people I notice at the shopping centre, the news articles that stand out to me) to support that being true.

Whereas where if I affirmed a new thought that ‘there are plenty of non-pregnant women in my community who I can connect with’ – my brain might help me see friends who aren’t pregnant, look for new hobbies/groups/things I can take part in.

And the more times we move a message into our conscious brain, the more our brain believes that it is true.


  1.     Affirmations can help us feel more positive and hopeful

I use (and love) my vision board and littered on the wall behind my computer (the place I often like to take a moment to think and read and look at what is around me) are not only pictures, but affirmations that feel true to me at the time.

Some of the affirmations I have on my wall are:

  •       I am ready to discover my passion and purpose
  •       I trust myself
  •       Everything will pan out
  •       Time bends for me


I am also a huge fan of neutral affirmations, especially as a starting point.

Sometimes affirmations that declare ‘everything will work out and be great’ – type affirmations – can feel incredibly out of reach. If that feels like you (and particularly if some of the ones below feel a bit pie in the sky)…. then perhaps neutral affirmations would help. Some examples of neutral affirmations are:

  • I am trying my best, and my best is good enough
  • I am doing ok
  • It’s ok to ask for help
  • I am a work in progress
  • I am ready for the next step
  • I did my best today
  • I don’t need to love how I look to feel good about myself
  • It’s ok to just take the next right step


When you are surrounded by positive messages that you want to hear, they can help you feel more positive about things. They’re almost like you giving yourself a little pep talk.

How can you use affirmations?

Here are some of my favourite ways to use affirmations to help you fall pregnant and call your baby into the world:

  1.     Place little affirmation cards on your mirrors or around your house in photo frames (I have affirmations stuck to my mirror as I leave my bedroom)
  2.     Set alarms on your phone to remind you of affirmations and mantras throughout the day
  3.     Record yourself saying affirmations and listen back to them in the car of when you’re going for a walk. One of the loveliest ways I’ve heard this done (or a similar way at least) is this technique that Stephanie Roth used when she was trying to conceive
  4.     Scribble affirmations using the steam on the shower screen door
  5.     Write down 10 affirmations in your journal at night
  6.     Place affirmations and mantras on post it notes in places you know you’ll look (in the fridge, on your steering wheel, in your wallet)
  7.     Say affirmations out aloud to yourself when you’re walking or driving
  8.     Repeat an affirmation in your mind as you’re meditating


And here are some of my favourite affirmations and mantra’s for fertility:

General Fertility and TTC Affirmations and Mantras

  1. I am a warrior
  2. I’ve got this
  3. I am proud of myself
  4. My partner and I are a team
  5. Whatever the outcome, I will survive
  6. I am stronger than I know
  7. I truly and deeply love and accept myself
  8. I love myself, unconditionally, right now
  9. I am not my struggle
  10. There is more to me than this battle
  11. I take the time to nourish my body
  12. I listen to my body and treat her well
  13. I am thankful for the support I have
  14. I am happy for my friends when they conceive
  15. I am patient with those around me who don’t understand my struggle
  16. When I look into my partner’s eyes, I see love
  17. My partner and I are in this together
  18. This struggle will make my relationship stronger
  19. I take the time to see the beauty in the world
  20. I have trust in my expert medical team
  21. I trust my body, and accept that it knows what is happening
  22. I trust that I will know when the time is right to stop
  23. I listen to my body and the messages she is sending me
  24. I make sure sleep is a priority
  25. I take the time to look after myself
  26. I lean in toward what feels good
  27. In tough moments, I take the time to feel and then take the time to heal
  28. With every deep breath, I release my feelings of anxiety
  29. I am worthy of a child
  30. I am grateful for the blessings I already have in my life
  31. I will not let the stress of infertility overtake my life
  32. When I receive bad news, I take the time to acknowledge how I feel, and then let it go
  33. I am grateful for the support I have in my life
  34. I am grateful for my partner, whose support and love is unconditional
  35. I will surrender to the process and take every day as it comes
  36. I cannot control everything and that is ok
  37. I wake up and go to sleep with gratitude in my heart
  38. This struggle is temporary, like clouds in a storm.
  39. This too shall pass
  40. Even when my friends and family say the wrong thing, I know they are all standing behind me, cheering me on
  41. It’s my time and I am ready to welcome my baby into the world
  42. I am worthy of becoming a mother
  43. I have deep purpose and make an incredible contribution to this world, just as I am right now
  44. I have abundant space around me to welcome my baby
  45. Everything will pan out with divine timing
  46. I trust myself. I trust my body.
  47. When I fall asleep and dream about my baby, I subconsciously invite the perfect soul into my life.
  48. I am human.
  49. Perfection is a unicorn. I am perfectly imperfect.
  50. I release myself from perfection and instead seek to act with love and intuition
  51. I will make an incredible mother. I cannot wait to meet my child.
  52. I lovingly release today and slip into slumber knowing that tomorrow will take care of itself
  53. I am safe.
  54. Time bends for me. There is still ample time for me to conceive
  55. My body is healing. My body is powerful.
  56. I will hold my baby in my arms.


Solo IVF Affirmations and Mantras

  1.   I do not need a partner to become a powerful and perfect parent
  2.   I have infinite strength within me
  3.   I am ready to invite my child into my life and have the gifts of resources, space and love to share


IVF Affirmations and Mantras

  1.   I am surrounded by a first-class medical team who are working together to reach our dream
  2.   My transfer is bringing me one step closer to meeting my baby
  3.   My body is ready to receive my embryo and provide a warm home for it to grow


IUI Affirmations and Mantras

  1.   My body is inviting, warm and ready to create life
  2.   Together with my partner, we are ready to join forces
  3.   My husband’s sperm will meet my egg with ease to create life
  4.   My body is working together with my clinic to make me super fertile
  5.   I am moving one step closer to my baby


Ovulation Affirmations and Mantras

  1.   I am ready to grow a baby with my partner. This is my time
  2.   I trust in my timing. The timing is perfect.
  3.   My follicles are the perfect size.


Menstruation Affirmations and Mantras

  1.   I am ready to welcome a new cycle and new opportunity
  2.   My body is cleansing itself and preparing for this new life.
  3.   This is a brand new day, and my body is preparing for its biggest mission yet.
  4.   I am divinely feminine.
  5.   My menstrual cycles are becoming more and more regular as my body works in sync with me
  6.   I celebrate every cycle.
  7.   As I bleed, I let go of that which no longer serves me, and welcome in new energy.


Follicular Phase Affirmations and Mantras

  1.   My body knows how to grow the perfect egg for fertilizing
  2.   My hormones are working in synchronicity to provide the perfect home for new life
  3.   My body is in sync and my hormones work together in harmony
  4.   I am growing the most perfect and healthy egg
  5.   My eggs are plentiful and perfect


Luteal Phase Affirmations and Mantras

  1.   My womb provides a soft and nourishing place for my embryo to nestle and grow
  2.   My body is ready and prepared for new life
  3.   My womb is ready to welcome new life
  4.   My body knows how to nourish my baby
  5.   I am ready to receive new life
  6.   My womb is welcoming and warm
  7.   I feel calm and connected with my body
  8.   My womb is ready to invite my baby to nestle and grow
  9.   My hormones are perfect and ready to welcome my pregnancy
  10.   I relax and allow my body and mind to be peaceful


Pregnancy Affirmations

  1.   I feel blessed to have this little miracle inside me
  2. I am excited to become a mumma
  3. It is safe for me to enjoy this pregnancy
  4. I trust my body to protect and nourish my baby
  5. I am worthy of this pregnancy
  6. I am safe. My baby is safe.
  7. I trust my intuition.
  8. My body and hormones are working in harmony to support both me and my baby
  9. I trust that as I rest, my body is working hard and preparing for my miracle
  10. The statistics are on my side. Now is my time
  11. Trying to conceive has given me the gifts of strength, resilience and hope. I am ready to pass on my knowledge to my baby

Remember, affirmations are just one of the tools I used to improve my fertility, help me cope with the stress of trying to conceive, and generally feel more confident. We touch on these all in-depth in my program, The Reset, which I talk about in my free video here. It’s basically like having a fertility coach or life coach, but at a fraction of the cost, with WAY more benefits that extend to supporting and improving your fertility.


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