How to choose Fertility Supplements wisely (don’t make these mistakes)

The Fertility Warriors PodcastI’m baffled that I’ve not discussed Fertility Supplements on the podcast before. And specifically, what to look for in a fertility supplement (and some of the common mistakes I see people make with supplements that could be doing more harm than good), what is the best fertility supplement to get pregnant, and the supplements I personally used to take.

In this episode all about fertility supplements, we talk about

  • What to look for in a supplement
  • Why the type of folate matters
  • What I used to take
  • How you could be doing more harm than good with your fertility supplements and why a less is more approach is better
  • What is the best fertility supplement to get pregnant

Links and Resources

It Starts with the Egg by Rebecca Fett

8 great reasons to see a naturopath for fertility

Infertility and IVF: What I would have done differently



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