My Full Moon Ritual for Manifestation

Today I want to share with you my full moon ritual for manifestation. I can’t say that it’s a fertility

My Full Moon Ritual for Manifestation | Robyn Birkin | Author, Podcaster and Eternal Optimist

manifestation anymore, because that chapter of my life has passed, but this is the exact same thing that you might like to do to call in your fertility to the universe, to call in your baby and to really set some intentions for the coming month.

Now, I feel like when it comes to my personality I’m a bit 50-50. I’m sort of sassy but spiritual. I swear a lot but I still have this Zen kind of quality. This post is a bit woo-woo, but I encourage you to stick with it, because sometimes when we have nice little rituals and things that we do on a regular basis, there are some things that can become really lovely rituals and things that we do that help us feel a lot calmer and a lot more positive about our journey. I think this is one of them.  It can really help give you more hope and positivity on this journey.

tap into crystal energy

The first thing that I do when I know that there is a full moon coming (I have an app on my phone to let me know when they’re coming) is on the night of the full moon I put my crystals outside under the moon, and that’s to clear any of the energy that the crystals have. I just put my whole little plate or bowl outside under the full moon, and that’s to just clear the energy, to negative it all out.

I put that outside under the moon overnight, and then the next day, you want to sit and just spend a moment the next day setting your intentions with those crystals, basically calling into the universe what is it that my heart and my soul really wants to happen this month, and just sit for a moment, hold the crystals, and ask the universe for what it is that you want in this month.

Managing the stress of trying to conceive

do a clearing ritual

The other thing that I do is I have dried sage sticks, and I have Palo Alto, which is like a piece of wood. Go around the house with it smoking, so you set it alight and then wait for it to smolder, and then you just go around the house and spray that smoke around the place or sway it around. Make sure though that you go into some of the doorways and the corners of your house – doorways, top corners of doorways and so on – because there can be stagnant energy there. You’re just trying to clear the energy, if there’s any really bad energy.  If you’ve had a really shocking month with really bad news, and we don’t want that to carry across into the next full moon. You go around and you sway that smoke all around the house to just clear any energy.  If you have a singing bowl, its vibrations can create that same kind of effect.

I also have a clearing spray that I use all the time. It’s beautiful.  I use that all around. I use it on myself sometimes. I’ll spray it and then walk into it, but I also will go round the house regularly, so not just during a full moon but especially when there is a full moon and just spray that around to try and clear some of that energy as well.

check your vision board

The other thing that I do when we have a full moon is I check into my vision board. It has a collection of affirmations. It has pictures of women who inspire me and encourage me. I have some pictures of food, the type of foods that I want to nourish my body with. When there’s a full moon, I like to sit and just have a look at my vision board and remind myself of what I am trying to call in from the universe, what kind of things I am trying to hope for. I also try to meditate outside under the moon and just really focus on taking in some of the energy of the full moon.


We have some grass in our garden, so I try to sit on the grass and ground myself a little bit, and try to bring myself back to the present, clear the energy of whatever has happened in the last 28 days or so, and really focus on where I want the next 28 days to go, what kind of energy I want to bring into the new moon, and how I intend to go about it. 

It’s something that I’ve done for a couple of years now, and it’s just a really nice thing to do is to get into the habit of putting your crystals out when there’s a full moon, tracking when the full moon is, getting back in touch and just resetting and reminding yourself of what kind of things it is that you want in your life, and trying also to step outside for you guys of that single focus of all “I want in the world is a baby.” Because I know that there are lots of things that you want, and it’s really hard because your thoughts can get really clouded by that singular focus.

It’s really nice sometimes to check in and see all of the things that you want. No doubt if you have a partner, you want to be an exceptional wife. No doubt you have career goals and dreams and aspirations. No doubt you have aspirations for how you want to eat and how you want to exercise, how you want to live your life, where you want to live. It’s a really nice way to expand our focus rather than focusing on this singular draining goal of trying to conceive.  I think that’s a really nice routine or ritual.

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