Success Stories

I loved the program! I still go back and re-do the modules. One benefit was having a fertility family to talk about problems and concerns. I am now more confident in my decisions, and I feel like I am able to voice my concerns and communicate better with my partner and doctors. Robyn's program is a cost effective way to work through your feelings, and the support you receive is amazing!

Jillian  // USA

I was struggling and overwhelmed with infertility & the thoughts and feelings I was having about it. I enjoyed all the modules & always felt better after watching them. This course helped me feel better & come up with better coping mechanisms. Before I would get sad and stay sad, I would be so hard on myself and my body. Now I acknowledge the feelings and give them their time and move forward, I know my body is working for me. Thank you for this program, I’m so happy I came across you, and all the support you’ve given me over the past year.

Megan  // Canada

After having a miscarriage and then having no success getting pregnant for months afterwards, I was in a really dark place. As much as I know my family and friends care about me, they were unintentionally saying all of the wrong, hurtful things. I needed a support group who understood what I was going through, and I needed to do something for myself to make a sustainable change. I felt personally drawn to Robyn because of her personality being pretty similar to mine and because she emphasized that the program would be good for women as individuals throughout life, not just on their journey to motherhood. The program gave me something to look forward to and a place to feel I was not alone in this otherwise isolating experience. I feel mentally and emotionally healthier since joining the program. I stopped constantly guilting myself and started encouraging myself and giving myself credit for doing the best I can during a very hard time. I feel stronger and able to continue on this journey while still enjoying my life as it is right now. I would recommend this program 100%. This is a great investment in YOU because you deserve it.

Julianna // USA

I’m happy to report that 3 weeks into the program I got a positive pregnancy test  after 10 months of trying with one early miscarriage. I truly believe your program gave me valuable tools to manage my anxiety. That was the first cycle since my loss that I felt at peace. I don’t think that was a coincidence! Thank you so much for everything.

Chelsea // USA

I finally understood how to surrender. Learned to give myself grace. The meditations and affirmations ARE THE BEST. Love them. I can let go of my timeline. I don't beat myself up anymore. I believe my baby is coming. I would recommend the program, I think it removes the desperation and gives hope and a community.

Linda// Canada

It has really helped me get rid of the self imposed time frame and urgency to get pregnant.

Oonagh  // Thailand

I wanted some holistic help with my fertility. The clinics have a disregard for things like nutrition and mental / emotional wellbeing, which are such integral aspects of the journey. It has really helped me get rid of the self-imposed time frame and urgency to get pregnant. Extending the 'deadline' for getting pregnant feels really liberating. I'm now allowing myself 2 years of grace (with another round of IVF if we feel like we want to), rather than living through a monthly cycle of hope and disappointment, which is incredibly wearing! "Right now, I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be" is an amazing mantra to carry with me.

The next baby will come when the time is right and the age gap will be whatever it will be! I am feeling a lot more philosophical about my fertility journey. I am able to acknowledge the negative thoughts and feelings along the way, without letting them dominate. Before, I would have been really knocked by the first signs of my period each month or by every pregnancy announcement - now I can acknowledge how hard it feels, but remind myself that "my time will come". I now feel excited by the prospect of my daughter (currently 5.5) being a hands-on, loving older sister. I used to feel such anxiety about the ever increasing age gap, but it's never going to be less than 6 years now, so I have come to accept our family dynamic won't be what I once pictured it to be. I would recommend the program. My experience of the fertility journey has been that you never quite know when to let go of hope and seek medical help, and all the while my wellbeing was deteriorating. I wish I could have armed myself with your tools 4 years ago, when we started TTC our second child... but I had no idea what we had in store.

The biggest benefit for me is being less triggered and getting better at taking care of myself.  I particularly have implemented little rituals and just feel more grounded and at peace.  I would definitely recommend this, especially with the payment plan flexibility.

Deirdre  // USA

“I definitely feel more positive, I'm more willing to put my trust in this working out.  I am less likely to hesitate in trusting, in second guessing putting my faith in the process.  I also actually got pregnant while doing the programme.  I would recommend this for people who are stuck in negative ways of thinking and don't know how to get themselves out of it.”

Sarah  // UK

Everyone around me in my personal life seems to have no issues getting pregnant, so I needed a support group of women who understand what I'm going through. Some benefits from the program were the understanding and relief that I'm not alone, and that this is normal. I am less stressed during my two week waiting period. I have learned to not dwell on those two weeks. Instead I relax and know that I've done everything I can to try and conceive, and just to enjoy those 2 weeks stress free. I would absolutely recommend this program. I think all women can benefit from the stress management part alone. I am very grateful that the modules are there for me to access any time, and I can revisit the program as many times as I need. Also, I love the Facebook group!

Sarah  // USA

Some benefits are I feel more calm, accepting, and feel more in control of my situation. I accepted that I'm not the only one, many people experience this. There are no amazing answers and miracle cures, but there can be magical moments. I feel more empowered on my journey now. And have the tools to cope with just about anything. I would recommend this program, I think everyone dealing with infertility, doing ivf or other art should have a program like this to support them emotionally. 

Angela  // Australia

I am learning to love my body again.  I feel happier and lighter so far.

Laura  // USA

This program has made me step out of feeling that I'm not good enough or doing enough to fall pregnant and really be grateful for everything that I have and the wonderful life I'm living right now.

Genifer  // USA

I feel lighter, happier and more confident in myself. I choose not to talk about my journey with others (besides my husband) and choose to keep this part to myself, for now. It has made me realize that I'm not doing anything wrong and it's just a part of my journey. This program has made me step out of feeling that I'm not good enough or doing enough to fall pregnant and really be grateful for everything that I have and the wonderful life I'm living right now. I definitely would recommend this. Even if someone that is experiencing infertility has all the support, you still have to live with your feelings and your emotions and how to handle all of those. There are so many and they come at different times in different ways, and really being able to manage these makes all the difference.

I just really appreciated this program and also the 5 day reboot (this came at a perfect time, right when I was taking my medications for retrieval to get me feeling right and positive and feeling strong again). I think that I have been dealing with this alone for so long that I forget there are others that understand what I'm going through. Joining this program was what I needed to get myself back on track and feeling good about myself again. This program really helped me get back to feeling like myself again, while this is an important part of my life, I realized it's not the only part of my life. I feel like I'm going into my second IVF cycle refreshed and like I've done everything I could and feeling positive about it. And also knowing how to handle the emotions that will come along with it. Thank you, I am truly appreciative and grateful for this program.

Everything Robyn said resonated with me, and I felt connected like I wasn’t alone in what I was experiencing. I felt better able to navigate infertility. I am equipped with new tools to manage my anxiety and work through my grief. I’ve let go of control of the outcome, and have focused more on the things I can control in the process. I would recommend this program, especially to women who have been dealing with infertility/IVF/miscarriages. I know I will continue to revisit the modules and journal prompts.

Jenny  // USA

I am definitely more calm and ordered thinking around IVF.  I can be around babies and small kids again.  I am feeling much better about the unknown of it all. My emotions, whilst still there, don’t escalate. I’ve stopped crying over everything. I feel like I’m becoming okay with not being in control. Before the course I was trying to control everything, panicking over everything, cutting over everything. I was a mess. Now I feel like I’m living a little bit more freely again.  The course forces you to look at your thoughts and emotions and make sense of them in a structured way. But also, I think just having it reiterated again and again that it’s normal and understandable to feel like this is really liberating.

Conor  // USA

I only joined because I liked Robyn's podcast so much, and because it was run by her, it felt kind of familiar. I haven't YET become pregnant, but I think the biggest benefit would be it helped me make the decision to put myself first for once and quit my job. Putting myself first has helped me focus on what matters, my mind, body, and health. I have become so much calmer and much more aware of the importance of mind and body health. The power of gratitude and positive self talk. I wish I had this at the start of my journey, it really gave me the building blocks to learn how to cope through this shit storm and find me again. I just want to say thank you. Thank you to Robyn and everyone else behind the scenes. Thank you for helping me become a happier and calmer person. For teaching me valuable lessons about self love and how to be my own biggest cheerleader.  I will be continuing to access the portal and support groups for help and support as only warriors can understand the toll this journey has on our lives. I know with these lessons a baby has to be right around the corner.  From the bottom of my heart thank you xxx

Cassandra  // Australia

This program helped me in more aspects of my life than just fertility.  It could apply a lot to activities in other areas.

Amy  // UK

I was excited to join, since I was listening to your amazing podcast for a long time and got so much value from it. I knew it would be worth the investment! From the first module, I felt the value especially since you set the tone in such a lovely way. I felt like I was finally getting my emotions under control and the constant reminder that the feelings we all feel "are normal" is so very helpful, Robyn! I am kinder with myself and am not trying to rush any part of this journey anymore. I am doing the best I can with the things I can control and trying to be patient with the many things I cannot control. I would absolutely recommend yor program to anyone TTC and I already have. There are so many helpful tools and tips in each module, I really love the bonuses as well. I think you are doing an incredible job and appreciate everything you do and share with our community. Thank you again so much!

Sasha  // USA

“I realized I am not alone and that positive affirmations are key in life. IVF Clinics need someone like Robyn integrated into their office.  I am more aware of my negative thinking patterns and have learned to not put my life on hold for IVF.  IVF can be a long, hard struggle. Robyn makes you laugh and helps you believe in yourself.”

Christie  // USA

I have never felt so at peace. I trust my journey and feel more connected with my body, mind, soul and faith than I have in a long time.

Jamie  // Canada

Joining Robyn's program was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I really enjoyed all of the content. I will be returning to certain modules. I'm so thankful to have been coached by Robyn and also Darrien. The live virtual events were a great addition, and so empowering. I am emotionally/mentally strong. I am in such a good head-space, it feels incredible. I have never felt so at peace. I trust my journey and feel more connected with my body, mind, soul and faith than I have in a long time. Very grateful for this program. It was a big part of helping me develop such a strong mindset. Doing the modules, taking notes, meditating, doing yoga and journaling were the biggest success factors for me. Before starting the program, I was angry, sad, often stressed and anxious. I couldn't bare to see pregnant women on social media, in stores, anywhere. I would leave the store and cry in my car. I felt like life was unfair. I felt angry at people who seemed annoyed at their kids or who didn't seem to appreciate their children as the true blessing that they are. I tried to be happy for all of my pregnant friends, but I ended up avoiding them (which felt terrible because I truly love them and wish the best for them). I knew I needed to change my mindset and get out of the funk. It wasn't the type of person I am or wanted to be.

After the program, my mindset quickly began to shift. I had breakthroughs and beautiful moments of reflection, self-love, appreciation and gratitude. I also made lovely connections through the Facebook community and beyond. Fast forward to today, I feel strong, happy, healthy, safe, optimistic and pure love and joy. I have accepted and embraced this journey fully and know with all my heart that our time is coming. How I handle every situation has changed. Even simply seeing a pregnant woman in the store, I think, "wow, she looks great. I hope she's well and baby is well. And I so look forward to that someday soon!" This program was one of the tools in my toolbelt that got me to a great mental and physical state. I am so grateful for the program, for Robyn and for the Fertility Warrior community. xo

I have a new sense of not letting the little things bother me.  I experienced a feeling of not being alone in this journey.  I think I changed before the program even began because I found your website.  I found a completely new way to think about stress.  It's difficult to explain but it has worked wonders! The self exploration and the fact that it helped me better communicate with loved ones has made this difficult journey so much better.

Natalie  // Canada

In the first two or three modules alone I learned to accept those painful feelings, see money as a renewable resource and worry less about the costs. I also learned how to focus on nurturing myself. I really needed some self care. I got into a routine of running myself a bath and watching a module. In addition to that, I really reached out to my friends and family and opened up about our struggle. It was really helpful. I’m currently dealing with OHSS and I’m physically ready for a break, but my husband is feeling totally ready to give up. I’m stuck, in a new way than before. I do have a better way of coping with the ups and downs of this seemingly never-ending road. I would 10000000000% recommend this course to anyone else trying to conceive.  In fact, I recommend it to a lot of women because I work with pregnant women and women trying to conceive every day.

Grace  // USA

I have a better mindset. I’m calmer. I feel like I'm not alone. I feel like there are others out there doing this, and I can handle it. I've learned how to control the things I can control and to just accept the things I cannot control. I've learned how to bring back things into my life that brought me joy. I've learned how to get out of sad/ frustrating situations faster. Before I was isolated and depressed. I felt helpless and was really mad, very angry this was happening to us. Now I still have episodes of feeling helpless or sad/ mad but they are in appropriate settings and only last briefly. I now feel hopeful. I learned how to enjoy life during this really tough journey. Would I recommend this program? YES! Infertility is tough. It's awful. There's no reason to go through it alone. It's important to take care of your mental health, and get support from experts who have been through this and know how to coach you through it. Excellent program. I loved the Facebook live sessions and full moon sessions. It was great to feel connected. It was not just modules I downloaded and then never heard from you or anyone else. This program is a great price and totally worth every penny. 

Elizabeth  // USA

I am much more calm and clear about what I want.  This program is important, especially for the Type A personalities.

Anna  // USA

I felt like I had hit rock bottom in my fertility journey, and that I needed to learn tools to have a more mentally healthy fertility journey.  The benefits: I have started doing the Pilates class with Emma daily, which before this for months I have been telling myself I am going to start doing but never have. It has given me more consistency in my weekly schedule since I am not working at this time.  I feel that I am less anxious, I feel in better shape physically since starting , I feel that I am able to manage my negative thoughts better.  I would absolutely recommend this.  I am part of a support group with other women that belong to the same fertility clinic as me and I shared this program link on our Facebook page. I would recommend it, because even if it can't change the results of an IVF cycle, I believe it can help women cope better with the results.

Anonymous  // Canada

I have learned valuable coping skills that I utilize on a daily basis.  I embrace that my feelings are valid. It is okay to acknowledge/name my feelings and then move on. I celebrate small victories. I make sure to enjoy life's little moments. I have dedicated one evening per week for self-care and it has done wonders for my emotional well-being.  I absolutely do recommend this to anyone else trying to conceive.  It's helped me get away from a very dark place where I was being so self-critical.

Mariana  // USA

Others I’ve approached to help me have never truly understood my journey or made me feel like they get it. You did.


You have been such an inspiration to me. You are a fellow soul sister who has walked in the same shoes of heart ache and desperation on the road to having a baby. & you call it how it is. This email I’ve just received is a true testament to who you are the grit and determination that makes you.

That’s what I loved lost working with you on my journey. You called everything as it is, no dancing around issues just upfront, black and white called it and made me face my shit head on and do something about it. Others I’ve approached to help me have never truly understood my journey or made me feel like they get it. You did. In a long, drawn out devastating process you showed me reason and navigated my course. You helped me from a 360 degree wholistic lens which others can’t or don’t do. That’s what sets you apart & when you don’t know you have surrounded yourself with experts in those areas who do & happily share their contact information or reference material.

Your posts are real, heart felt, genuine and pop up when you least expect them but need them most.

Others I’ve seen don’t feel as genuine or have as much integrity. It’s like they say what they think “we” want to hear or need to hear. You are different you share guidance or advice but relate it to your own personal experience which feels so much more authentic, real & relatable.

You also worked with me on all aspects of my life coaching me through challenging work situations & how to get my Husband to think getting a cleaner is a good idea. (We still have that cleaner months later too - thank you)! All the peripheral life stuff (clutter) you were able to help me manage, which in turn made my fertility journey clearer and more focused.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart. You taught me so much in a very short period of time through our one on one zoom sessions. I’ve literally recommended you to every friend or family member I’ve come in contact when the topic of fertility has arisen.

A month and a half ago I was feeling low, I wasn't feeling supported at work , and I didn't know how to process and face the news of my friend’s pregnancy announcement. I felt completely overwhelmed and derailed in life. I would wake up in the middle of the night and just cry. Things started to take a turn when I discovered this program. Just knowing that others out there can completely relate has been helpful. Plus, the modules and worksheets are helpful. And I love the Facebook group and the Vault! Not saying it’s all roses and my sadness has magically melted away, but I’ve been feeling really good lately and definitely more empowered and equipped with some tools, tips and mantras to keep me focused and positive.


I was worried about the extra money I was going to spend on the course but I think it was worth it!  The course has really opened my mind to be more positive and believe.  I have also gone gluten free within this program which makes me feel better.  I think this program will help people who are struggling with the journey.  It isn’t an easy thing to go through so all the support you can get, the better.

Brooke  // Australia

I LOVED ALL OF THE STRATEGIES. Journaling was huge. Knowing what to do when I'm panicking was huge. The worksheets, the slides. I go back and look at them even though the course is over. I find that I am using the strategies discussed and though there are still hard days (which is to be expected), I am coming out of the darkness and setbacks that come my way quicker because I have these strategies.  I still have my sad moments, but waaaay less often and I can work through them because I have a toolbox full of strategies. I am more confident and now see the importance of investing in myself and am actively taking the time to do that. I'm better at saying "no," and doing what's right for me and my family.  I would absolutely recommend this and I already have. Again, I know I sound like a broken record, but the abundance of strategies you gain and the confidence it has given me to conquer my infertility no matter what happens.

Katie  // USA

Thanks for your support. It really does help to be a part of this group. I don't feel so alone anymore! You're truly a special person to do this for all of us warriors.


“This program gives you a sense of community, knowing that there are other families going through the same thing.  I now have more confidence pushing forward with each step.  I am also able to share my feelings with my spouse in a good, communicative way.”

Kelly  // USA

Every module taught me something valuable: I’ve learned about my relationship and ways to strengthen it. I’ve learned so many coping tips that have become sanity saving. I received some great advice on improving fertility and overall health. I think I’ve benefited in every area of my life.  Before, I was a mess - depressed, miserable, frantic, angry, so anxious about minutiae, no idea how to keep living. Now, I am in a completely different head space than before the program - my lows are not quite as low and I can deal with them better and come out of them quicker. I’m finding hope for the future and even starting to find good in the lessons I’m learning through this journey.  I would absolutely recommend the program because this journey is impossible without support, advice, encouragement, and coping strategies and resources. The program provided me with so much of this.

Taryn  // Canada

Robyn is that friend you didn’t know you needed.

Clarissa // USA

Through our fertility struggles, I developed a deep sadness and loss of self. I didn’t recognize who I was becoming and knew that I needed to make a change in order to see this journey through. As soon as I read about the program, I knew it was exactly what I needed and it felt like you were reading my mind. I signed up as soon as it became available! I feel so much more in control of my thoughts and emotions. Now I no longer feel guilty for feeling the way I do and I’m better prepared to move past the bad days.

Overall, I feel so much more hopeful and optimistic. Regardless of what happens in my fertility journey, I know that I’ll be ok. I went from feeling depressed, frustrated, angry, and hopeless to feeling optimistic, patient, and giving myself grace. I would absolutely recommend the program!! The fertility journey can be the most challenging adversity that someone faces. You need coping mechanisms and someone in your corner to help you through the tough times. Robyn is that friend you didn’t know you needed. She’ll tell it to you straight, but with compassion. This program was life changing! Thank you for equipping me with tools to make it through this journey in one piece.

I wanted to drop you a line to tell you how amazing your fertility warrior course is. I signed up back in November after a couple of failed cycles and only just finished the  course this weekend - I didn’t want it to end. You and your course are fucking amazing. I love your humour - the way you express things (I’m an Aussie living in New York and I miss home so much!). Your mantras are fantastic. I loved every module and question posed to me and I’m getting so much out of the yoga and meditations. You’re truly inspirational and I genuinely feel supported by you even though I’ve never met you (I’m a bit quiet on the Facebook which I’m hoping to change). Thank you for putting so much of yourself into this course. I’m so grateful that I found you.


“I have benefited by learning coping strategies, I have better conversations with my husband, a better mindset, and the feeling of not being alone in this journey anymore.  I feel like my husband and I have become closer as a result of doing the modules together.  Overall, I’m very happy that I joined and I only wish I hadn’t waited so long.” 

Siel  // USA

The programme has been so good! I’ve loved having something positive to focus on whilst on the fertility journey instead of always feeling negative and upset. I feel so much better about this journey whatever the outcome is.


I do feel better about things, I’m trusting myself more and it feels good to just let some things go. It's been a good kick in the bum to remember to live, not just wait. I really enjoyed last night’s session - it made so much sense. I think that I will need to keep coming back to watching the videos to remind myself.


I do feel better about things, I’m trusting myself more and it feels good to just let some things go. It's been a good kick in the bum to remember to live, not just wait. I really enjoyed last night’s session - it made so much sense. I think that I will need to keep coming back to watching the videos to remind myself.


I have experienced tons of benefits from the program: facing my feelings, writing them down, which I generally avoid, but know is really helpful, validation, laughs from Robyn, tangible tips (I just got mini positivity cards from Etsy and have placed them all over my home and car), more resources than I even had energy for in the Vault and Extras, but I am happy to know they are there.  I would absolutely recommend the program to anyone else trying to conceive.  It's well done, structured, doesn't take too much time.  I made it a Sunday morning ritual, makes you dig in and face tough stuff, but also makes you laugh at times and feel like you aren't the only one.

Kate  // USA

I am much more confident since joining the program.  I have the confidence to tell my loved ones how they can support me but also confidence to know that I'm not broken and I can get through this.  I 100% recommend this course, especially for women in my position stranded in a foreign country without friends or family - it's amazing what the connection does for you when you realise you're not alone.

Sarah  // Hong Kong

I am less reactive and believe I have shifted my perspective so that I can tackle whatever challenge I face with grace. 

Laura // USA

I really loved all the topics Robyn chose.  I always walked away every week feeling so happy and uplifted.  I am less reactive and believe I have shifted my perspective so that I can tackle whatever challenge I face with grace.  My husband has made comments about how he has noticed a change in my attitude.  I am overall more pleasant and hopeful.  

I would absolutely recommend this program. I strongly believe this journey is so much more than just physical setbacks/challenges; much of what we experience is mental and emotional and this is why a mind/body intervention is so helpful and necessary when going through something like this.  I also love that we have access to the program for life which allows us to go back when we might be feeling down as a way to remind ourselves how amazing we are!

I was worried about the extra money I was going to spend on the course but I think it was worth it!  The course has really opened my mind to be more positive and believe.  I have also gone gluten free within this program which makes me feel better.  I think this program will help people who are struggling with the journey.  It isn’t an easy thing to go through so all the support you can get, the better.

Brooke  // Australia

Robyn has such a peaceful voice! I really tried to sit with what she has taught and had some massive 'a-ha' moments. Anyway, it's great it really is. I just want to tell everyone I know who is struggling with this because I know they'll love it too. Robyn’s calm, practical approach helped me to see things with more clarity then I ever have before. Each module really made me stop and think and I’ve come away with so many resources for a positive mindset. I feel armed, refreshed and ready to tackle this journey and whatever it sends my way.


“The coping strategies were fantastic and I feel like my mindset was really re-programmed. Instead of focusing on the “big fail”, we started celebrating each “win” and step we were taking to go above and beyond what is “normally” required to have a baby. Even though we still aren’t open about it, I feel like I can better “own” our IVF journey now, and instead of focusing on the fixed, (that we have to do IVF) I can focus on the flexible- things I can change.  I think before the program I was still holding on to the grief of not having the baby/pregnancy experience that I envisioned. I was depressed that we had to do IVF and further depressed that starting fertility treatments I was in great shape, perfect for a “fit” pregnancy but with treatments and “gentle walking” as the only prescribed workout plan, I have gained weight (nothing fertility worthy, still “normal”). I have better come to terms with this since joining the program and better understand that how I envisioned it, just isn’t how it’s going to go. I’m not going to be running throughout the pregnancy, and super fit, but I will get a baby in the end and I can get back to the other stuff after. I have better realized what is important and what isn’t.”

Maggie // USA

I feel so much more empowered in my journey.  I have taken action, changed doctors, started working with a natural holistic practitioner and feel more optimistic.  My attitude is much more positive.  I have now started to focus on myself more, being happy and enjoying my life.  No longer putting it on hold!  I would recommend this to anyone who feels like they cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel.  This program will help you get a bit closer and help you feel positive that it will happen.

Loira  // Mexico

I have been through the roughest part of my journey so far, maybe even my rock bottom. Just happened to land during the program. The program has been a toolbox I could go back to when I’m having my oh shit panic moments. Not to mention having the back up of my fellow  warriors and Robyn to be right there along with me.


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