The two sides to weight and fertility issues

Weight and fertility issuesUrrggghhhh… weight and fertility issues is such a tricky and complex topic. It was my pleasure this week to welcome Sophia Pavia to the podcast. You may know her as ttc.nutritionist on Instagram and we connected recently over an Instagram story that touched on a topic I’m pretty passionate about: the sensitivity we need to show to women in bigger bodies around how we talk about weight loss – and particularly around not making assumptions based on size, and being conscious of making unhelpful statements (without providing support and guidance) like ‘come back when you’ve lost weight’ to women who may well have eating disorders or a history thereof.

Sophia is a Registered Dietician Nutritionist whose focus is on women trying to conceive and navigate infertility and joined us on the podcast to talk about her take on weight and fertility issues.

I’d love to know what your experience has been like?

You can find Sophia at ttc.nutritionist or on her website here.

You may also wish to check out an interview I did with Nicola Salmon called Can you get pregnant if you’re fat- where we talk about a lot of the stigma and misconceptions surrounding weight and fertility. Click here to listen (or watch). 


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