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5 tips for your next egg retrievalSo I had my second egg retrieval yesterday.

If you read my last post, you’d have seen that before I got my period I was having a little bit of a freak out, but you know what? As soon as I wrote that post, it melted away.

I think when you’re going through any sort of tough period in your life, you need to find a therapy that works for you, and writing is what works for me.

I don’t really care who knows my story, but I don’t want a pity party and I hate people constantly asking me how every little step went, so for that reason, I’ve given everyone the impression that we gave up in December. How ironic that at the same time, I’ve published it to the big wide world ha ha.

But you guys don’t ask questions. You just support, and I’m here to support you too.

Anyway, for anyone who is coming across this post and is about to embark on an egg retrieval, here are 5 tips that I’d recommend:

1. Wear loose clothes to the hospital

Why, oh why did I wear my tight jeans? I know, because I’m vain, but my advice is to definitely wear loose clothing, because once I got out of the bed to get changed and go home, I could barely do them up from the bloating. Not being able to do up my pants would have been waaaayyy more embarrassing than wearing daggy yoga pants!

2. Get a wheat pack

We got 14 eggs out of me for fertilising (woohoo), but I had the anesthetist and about three nurses say to me afterwards that they had to do ‘quite a bit of extra digging around in there’ so I was in quite a bit of pain, and was given a lovely cocktail of painkillers, which wore off when I got home. I got panadeine, but the wheat pack and hot water bottle were what got me through the night, not the painkillers.

3. Brief your husband/partner

The last time I had egg retrieval I coasted through. I had my dad pick me up, we got Mexican for lunch and then I had to tag along to some appointment he had. This time was a little different. My husband literally had to carry me inside the house because I was blacking out as we got out the car, and I was in agony. So glad I asked him to take the full day off work and asked him in advance to look after me. He was amazing and really did a great job. I don’t think anyone else would have been so wonderful.

4. Be selfish

You know what? I have asked my mum to do my laundry this weekend. I no plans to be a hero and push myself, and fully intend on chilling in bed or by the TV for the next couple of days. At the last egg retrieval, I tried to power through and even went to work the next day, even though I could barely walk. Straight up resting, taking time to recover and asking for help feels so much better.

5. Look on the bright side

Sure, it is painful, and we all wish that we could have just done the hanky panky on day 14 on the first month of trying but in going through this process you’re one step closer to being a mumma. Even if it doesn’t work out, you’re further along the track and at the very least, you’ll be better prepared for next time. Stay positive. It’s all a journey and it all counts toward making you a stronger person too.

Much love, light, beauty and spirit to you.

Robyn xx