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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens after I submit a contact form?

I'll check out what you've written (the more content, the better!) to see if it looks like we'd be a good fit. I have zero interest in taking your money if I can't help you, and there are definitely some circumstances when your business model or requirements are outside my genius. We'll schedule a time for a free (and obligation free) chat over the phone about your goals and requirements and answer any questions you have about how I can help you. If you're keen as mustard, then I'll send through an agreement and deposit invoice, and once that's paid, we'll get the party started!

What are your rates for the monthly brand partnership?

They work on a sliding scale, depending on your requirements and the number of hours you require per month. Contact me with your requirements and I'll send you the information you're looking for.

Why do I need to book in a minimum number of hours per month with you for four months?

Because scrappy work = scrappy results. If I can get to know you and your business on an intimate level (which only comes from working with you for a reasonable amount of time), then I can produce results faster. For example, if I know your goals, brand direction, technology, like the back of my hand, then watch me work my magic like the Tassie Devil. If I spend half an hour here, and half an hour there, then I don't have the opportunity to dive deep and produce what you need. So, that's why. It also gives me the ability to book a set time in my calendar to work on your business. Think sole focus, blinkers on, charging ahead.

What if I'd like to hire you for a specific project?

Feel free to touch base with me and enquire about my availability. If I can help you, I certainly will, and if not, I'll let you know. You don't get if you don't ask!

What currency do you charge in?

My rates are all charged in Australian dollars plus Goods and Services Tax.