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COVID Vaccine and Fertility, Miscarriage and TTC – your questions answered with Sasha Hakman MD

I have been inundated from all angles on how the COVID Vaccine might impact fertility rates, miscarriage rates and generally all the things from fertility warriors who are about to embark on IVF cycles or trying to conceive and wanting to do their due diligence in understanding how the COVID vaccine might impact them and their future baby.

I applaud you for asking questions and wanting to find out the answers.

So, I asked my good friend, Dr Sasha Hakman, Board Certified Fertility Specialist and incredible explainer and science nerd – to the podcast to answer all of your questions and explain everything COVID Vaccine with us in detail.

COVID Vaccine IVFWe talked about:

  • What is the general consensus around the COVID Vaccine and fertility/TTC?
  • Is one vaccine better than another?
  • How does each of the different vaccines work?
  • Is there any incentive for Doctors to be able to promote these vaccines?
  • Where have we gone wrong in disseminating information about this vaccine?
  • How long should you wait between getting the vaccine and embarking on a new cycle?
  • Does this affect cycles?
  • Natural immunity vs vaccine immunity?
  • Is there enough research and data to make these calls?
  • Why has the process been so quick in approving these vaccines for use… and so many more questions

This is actually the third podcast I’ve done with Sasha and the other two rank up there in my top 10 all-time podcasts!

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You can also find Sasha below:

Sasha Hakman MD on Instagram

Sasha Hakman’s Website (where she has a bunch of Nutrition, Lifestyle AND COVID resources for you to check out)

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