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Today on the podcast we’re asking the question that I’ve LONG wanted to ask a Reproductive Endocrinologist, and I’m thrilled to invite one of my absolute favourites onto the podcast this week, Dr Sasha Mikhael to discuss the pros and cons of IUI treatments in helping you fall pregnant.

It’s a very subjective matter and one that Sasha discusses with colleagues often, but we both agreed that we see SO many women who persevere with multiple failed, heartbreaking IUI cycles, when perhaps they should consider moving onto stronger interventions such as IVF, which can also be diagnostic.

So, tune into this week’s podcast where Sasha breaks down the various research that has been conducted on IUI, as well as IUI vs IVF, the typical success rates of IUI, the benefits of IUI and IVF and her take on how women can advocate for themselves at the fertility clinic.

This is actually the third podcast I’ve done with Sasha and the other two rank up there in my top 10 all-time podcasts!

COVID Vaccine and Fertility, Miscarriage and TTC – your questions answered with Sasha Hakman MD?

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You can also find Sasha below:

Sasha Hakman MD on Instagram

Sasha Hakman’s Website (where she has a bunch of Nutrition, Lifestyle AND COVID resources for you to check out)

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