Your infertility questions answered!

OMG, this episode of the podcast was SO MUCH FUN. Y’all know that Dr Sasha Hakman (formerly Sasha Mikhael) and I have a mutual love for one another and we wanted to do a super fun quick-fire interview with all of your burning infertility questions answered.

Tune in to find out her answers to all of your infertility questions including:

Why do specialists prescribe the pill?

Are there any circumstances when you’d recommend a woman goes off the pill?

Is there ever a circumstance when a woman would take progesterone during her follicular phase?

Are fertility specialists anti-anyone who isn’t a fellow physician/fertility specialist? Thoughts on having a number of people in your team (acupuncturist etc) and how we can work together as a team?

Infertility Questions

If you have stage 4 or significant endometriosis, should you go straight to IVF?

How accurate is an AMH test?

Soy: good or bad for fertility?

Red meat: Good or bad for fertility?

Dairy: good or bad for fertility?

Exercise: how much is too much?

Uterine lining: what is too thin? what is ideal? what is too thick?

How old is too old or what are some signs that we need to look outside the box?

Does the research suggest (to you) that there is benefit in women going through IVF treatments also undertaking things like regular meditation or yoga, mind body programs or seeing a psychotherapist?

I also want to sign off though and just say that Dr Hakman is a Doctor, but for the vast majority of our listeners, she is not YOUR Doctor. These are quick-fire questions based on research findings that don’t take into account your personal circumstances or medical history and that you should consult with your own physician for more thorough and tailored advice before implementing or taking to heart any of the points discussed in today’s podcast.


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This is actually the third podcast I’ve done with Sasha and the other two rank up there in my top 10 all-time podcasts!

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