Happy Meatless Monday! Winter is nearly at an end in Perth, but with all this rain it makes you feel like cosy-ing up indoors, and soup is a super easy meal to make. This soup is vegan and gluten free, and don't

Happy Meatless Monday! Today I thought I'd share with you my go-to lunchtime option at work. This is a pic of my lunch today, at my desk (boooooo), a lunchtime rice bowl. Here is a bit of background info on this one: I

Helloooooooo! For those of you who are kind enough to rock my blog or Facebook page, you'll notice I've been out of action since last week. That is because, pretty much as soon as I came out of my Indian

Chickpeas are the bomb, and a regular item in my house. One serve of chickpeas has the following kick-butt nutrition: 26% of your daily iron intake (to give you an idea, one serve of t-bone steak (85g) has only 17%!) 8% of

Seriously - this is my go-to dinner. Although you need to pop things in the oven for a little while, it is so easy to make, and so delicious! Ingredients (serves 1-2 people, depending on how big the veggies are!) 1