My shining glory on Christmas Day were these chickpea and cranberry balls. Chloe went to bed on Christmas Eve and I set about getting myself prepared for the day and made these, rolled them into balls and then prayed that

One thing I learned (among many!) when having a baby, was that when someone has a baby and you go to visit them in the early days, bring food. So many of my beautiful friends bought heat up dinners for the

Hey there, So, I'm about to introduce you to my new addiction. I'm a potato mash lover from waaayyy back, but Rosco doesn't really like it that much, so I don't really have it often, but for whatever reason (work, busy,

Helloooooooo! For those of you who are kind enough to rock my blog or Facebook page, you'll notice I've been out of action since last week. That is because, pretty much as soon as I came out of my Indian

I've written myself a list of recipes to cook throughout the week, and tonight was supposed to be broccoli timbales but lets say I was left feeling somewhat uninspired by my earlier choice. So, looking in the fridge I decided

Ingredients 2 big fat handfuls spinach 2 shallots 4 button mushrooms 2 tablespoons pine nuts Tin of brown lentils 2 medium-large  potatoes Dash of almond milk 1.5 cups of passata Big handful of herbs (I used thyme, parsley and oregano)