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When should you see a doctor about not falling pregnant
When to see a Doctor about not falling pregnant
November 10, 2017

Today’s post is all about when to go in to see the doctor about not falling pregnant. Do you know what…

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How to survive the two week wait
How to survive the Two Week Wait
August 23, 2017

Today, I’m talking about how to survive the two week wait. We get lots of women in our Facebook community talking…

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Is the stress of your job stopping you from falling pregnant
Is the stress of your job stopping you from falling pregnant?
August 2, 2017

Today on the podcast I wanted to delve into the topic of whether your job is stopping you from falling pregnant,…

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My fertility story Stephanie Roth
Guest Podcast with Stephanie Roth of Your Fertile Self
July 7, 2017

So I put out the call amongst my fertility friends for some guest podcasts, and I’d like to welcome the first…

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What happens at the fertility clinic after you fall pregnant
What happens after you fall pregnant at the fertility clinic?
February 20, 2017

I’ve ummed and ahh-ed about whether or not to post this, because there’s a part of me that things that fertility…

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And then she fell pregnant too
And then she fell pregnant too…
February 2, 2017

One day we were at a baby shower for one of my best friends. There were only three of us who…

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