The HONEST Truth about Miscarriage and Loss with Jackie Figueras

The Fertility Warriors PodcastYou’ll know that a few episodes in the past I shared a conversation I had with my dear friend, Jackie Figueras. Jackie is a Registered Nurse (with an impressive resume) and a miscarriage and loss coach. There are so many things we just don’t talk about enough when it comes to the Honest Truth about miscarriage.

Trigger warning: Jackie and I get really honest and share the gritty and detailed experiences of our losses in this episode. It was one of the FIRST episodes ever that has truly brought me to tears (I’m usually so great at setting my feelings aside for interviews, but Jackie’s story just got me). As we dish down the HONEST truth about miscarriage and loss, we shared:

The differing emotional and physical experiences of our loss.

What a medical miscarriage really feels like (with tips for anyone who needs to go through it).

Where healthcare providers are just getting it wrong.

And Jackie shares some really wonderful tips and insights.




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