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10 Things you’re allowed to say to your medical team

Fertility MeaningToday’s podcast is inspired by our monthly Q+A in the Fertility Warrior Family (our Facebook Group for members of the Fertility Warrior Intensive – my 12 week mind body fertility program). We were talking about getting a second opinion and advocating for yourself. It came up that some peeps were worried that their fertility medical team would be offended if they said they wanted to seek a second opinion.

Y’all, the stakes are high and you’re spending a lot of money! If there’s even an inkling that you’re not super confident with the direction you’re taking on your journey to get pregnant, then I highly suggest asking more questions or taking steps to get a second opinion.

So, that’s inspired our conversation today with 10 things you’re allowed to say to your fertility medical team. (spoiler alert: one of them is “I’d like to get a second opinion”)

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