First IVF Cycle: what to expect

Every Monday I do a Q+A on my Instagram, and without a doubt the biggest question I’m asked right now is what to expect and whether I have any tips for those who are about to go into their first IVF cycle.

What to expect on your first IVF CycleHere are some previous posts with tips for those who are about to do IVF:
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But what should you expect on your first IVF cycle?

In this podcast I talk about:

  • How your first IVF cycle might be different to any IUI’s you’ve done before
  • What you should be doing/focusing on at this point?
  • What you can do to support your success
  • What the timeline might look like (although this can be fairly variable)
  • Where you might have some hiccups along the way (and how to overcome them)

Hope you enjoy!

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