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My fertility story Stephanie Roth
Guest Podcast with Stephanie Roth of Your Fertile Self
July 7, 2017

So I put out the call amongst my fertility friends for some guest podcasts, and I’d like to welcome the first…

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How to save for IVF treatment
Saving for IVF
May 19, 2017

As if it wasn’t enough to go through emotionally with IVF and other fertility treatments, you’re slugged with a bill for…

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Free guided fertility meditation
Free Guided Meditation for Fertility Warriors
March 7, 2017

Trying to fall pregnant is hard! I’ve created this free guided meditation for fertility warriors, because I know that although I…

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Your first appointment at the fertility clinic
Your first appointment at the fertility clinic: what to expect
March 1, 2017

We’ve had quite the number of people in our Facebook group ask what happens at your first appointment at the fertility…

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What happens at the fertility clinic after you fall pregnant
What happens after you fall pregnant at the fertility clinic?
February 20, 2017

I’ve ummed and ahh-ed about whether or not to post this, because there’s a part of me that things that fertility…

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And then she fell pregnant too
And then she fell pregnant too…
February 2, 2017

One day we were at a baby shower for one of my best friends. There were only three of us who…

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How to set SMART fertility goals
How to set SMART fertility goals
January 28, 2017

Nearly all of us wake up on New Year’s Day and think of a bunch of goals or changes we need…

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What can I do if I'm not falling pregnant
Help! I’m not falling pregnant! What can I do?
December 30, 2016

This is for anyone who is thinking Help! I’m not falling pregnant! Hands down, falling pregnant has been the challenge of…

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How yoga and mind-body programs can help with infertility
Interview with Zahra Haji (The Yoga Goddess) talking all things mind-body, relationships and how yoga can help with fertility
December 7, 2016

Wow wow wow – I’m just so excited to bring you this interview with Zahra Haji, the Yoga Goddess where…

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8 things you need to know about ovulation
December 1, 2016

Hello! Today on the podcast I’m talking about 8 things you need to know about ovulation. Honestly, I think this stuff…

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What to buy someone with infertility
November 10, 2016

Ahhh what to buy someone with infertility – I have such gold in this post, I promise! When I shared the…

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FW 009: 8 great reasons to see a naturopath for fertility
November 9, 2016

There are so many reasons why I recommend seeing a Naturopath for fertility and that is what this podcast focuses on….

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